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Particulars/ Details


Rate Per sq. Ft.


Budget (Approximately)

Open Plots in 150 acres land. Various plots sizing 1200 sq. ft./ 1500 sq. ft./ 2000 sq. ft. and larger area are available to be purchased

1200 sq. ft./ 1500 sq.ft. & larger areas

Rs. 460 psf approx

Murbad, Maharashtra

Rs. 5,50,000/
Rs. 6,90,000/
Rs. 9,25,000

Residential development approved on this piece of land

59 acres

Rs. 3 cr per acre approx

Rajkot, Gujarat

Rs. 177 cr

Plots for residential development. Total size of the land-6 acres

Plot Size-700 sq.ft. to 1500 sq.ft. & larger areas

Rs. 1,560 psf approx

Rajkot, Gujarat

Rs. 10,92,000 to Rs. 23,40,000(Depending on the size of the plot)

Land area

88,700 sq. ft.

Rs.17,000 psf approx

Oshiwara, Goregaon, Mumbai

Rs. 145 cr approximately

Land Area

1,70,000 sq. ft.

Rs. 3,000 psf approx

Bhandup West, Mumbai

Rs. 50 cr approx.

Land Area

9.2 Acre= 4,00,750 sq. ft.

Rs. 5,000 psf approx

Mulund West, Mumbai

Rs. 200 cr approx

Land Area- Green Zone

3.02 acre= 1,31,550 sq. ft.

Rs. 460 psf approx

GB Road, Thane, Mumbai

Rs. 6 cr approx.

Land Area

16 acre= 7,00,000 sq. ft.

Rs.5,580 psf approx

GB Road, Thane, Mumbai

Rs. 390 cr approx

Land Area (Highway Touch)

12 acres=5,25,000 sq. ft.

Rs. 550 psf approx.

Charoti, Mumbai

Rs. 30 cr approx.

Land Area

67 guntha= 73,000 sq. ft.

Rs. 8,300 psf approx

Opp Big Bazar, Thane, Mumbai

Rs. 60 cr approx.

Land Area

5.25 acre= 2,28,600 sq. ft.

Rs. 2,800 psf

GB Road, Thane, Mumbai

Rs. 65 cr approx.

Land Area next to running Solar Park

100 acres

Rs. 2,50,000 per acre approx

Solapur, Maharashtra

Rs. 2,50,00,000 approx